NSTRIDE (Autologous Protein Solution – APS)

Learn more about NSTRIDE here: https://nstride.zimmerbiomet.com/canada/

nSTRIDE® is a novel therapy (from your own body) designed to treat pain and slow the progression of cartilage degradation and destruction in the knee. nSTRIDE® processes your own blood to provide a true novel output. The unique output is injected directly into the knee joint distributing beneficial and good proteins. In laboratory testing, these “good” proteins block and slow the degradation of cartilage treating the underlying cause of OA knee pain, unlike traditional therapies.

Autologous’ means ‘it comes from you’. By taking a sample of your own blood, your doctor can process the blood to extract and concentrate certain molecules. “Good” proteins have a therapeutic effect on the OA process happening in your knee. nSTRIDE® is the only ‘autologous anti-inflammatory’ treatment. This means nSTRIDE® works by targeting the inflammation in your knee joint and treating the ‘mechanism of wear’ by using a natural solution sourced from within you.

While it has been developed for hips, we can consider its use in other joints as well: hips, ankles, shoulders and more. 

nSTRIDE is administered as a single injection and can be effective for up to 2-3 years following the injection. 

Here at the Ottawa Orthopedic Centre, we are the first clinic in Ottawa to adopt this novel treatment. If your are interested in learning more about this procedure, call the clinic to speak with a doctor about this. 

Science Behind NSTRIDE

In an osteoarthritic knee, inflammatory cytokines (“bad” proteins) outnumber anti-inflammatory cytokines (“good” proteins) causing an imbalance resulting in knee pain and cartilage degeneration. 

The inflammatory proteins IL-1 and TNFa attack the cartilage. These “bad” proteins must be stopped simultaneously to decrease pain and slow cartilage degeneration. 

The nSTRIDE® treatment introduces high levels of “good” proteins (IL-1ra, sIL-1R, sTNF-RI, and sTNF-RII) that is designed to overwhelm and block the inflammatory cytokines (bad proteins) IL-1 and TNFa. Laboratory, animal and human studies have shown that nSTRIDE® has decreased pain and slowed cartilage degeneration, unlike traditional therapies. While balance is being restored to the knee, anabolic (building) growth factors (IGF-1 and TGF-.1) are also introduced for beneficial cartilage health. Therefore, nSTRIDE® creates a novel therapy, which may reduce pain in the knee joint, may improve joint function and slow the destruction of cartilage. This Autologous Anti-Inflammatory treatment is provided in a single session in the doctor’s office.

How is NSTRIDE Made

Like PRP (platelet rich plasma), NSTRIDE is derived from your own blood. 

Please refer to the video linked below to learn more about how the procedure is completed. 

Preparing For The Procedure

Before the injection:

  • Stop all anti-inflammatory medications 1 week prior to the injection (Advil, Aleve, CBD, Toradol, Ibuprofen, ASA). Tylenol is okay to take. ASA for a medical condition is permitted. Avoid high doses of natural anti-inflammatories, such as turmeric as well.
  • Avoid intense exercises 2 days prior to the procedure.
  • Please be sure to take off time from physical activity for about 4-7 days following the injection.
  • Please eat and drink fluids prior to your procedure.


NSTRIDE Patient Brochure

nStride Brochure
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Aftercare Brochure

nSTRIDE Post Patient Guide
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Please contact the clinic as this will vary depending on the site of injection and if image guidance is required.

Please call the clinic at 613-714-9449 or fax a referral to 613-714-9456 

To book with Dr. Sonam Maghera, or Dr. Keith Morgan for consultation 

Please forward all relevant imaging prior to your appointment

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