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The Ottawa Orthopaedic Centre is designed to provide our clients with a multi-disciplinary approach to their care. Our team of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Pedorthists and Massage Therapists are all dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of care to help them recover from their injuries and reach their goals.


Paul Colebrook - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Paul Colebrook

Lisa Colebrook - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Lisa Colebrook

Vatsal Shah  - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Vatsal Shah

Vivian Germain -  - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Vivian Germain

Danijel Sredic - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Danijel Sredic

Lauren Armstrong -  - Ottawa Physiotherapist

lauren Armstrong

Jenna Mortimer - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Jenna Mortimer

Ben Tobali - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Ben Tobali

Leah Scott - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Leah Scott

Jennifer Vo - Ottawa Physiotherapist

Jennifer Vo

Massage Therapists

Erin Hobson - Ottawa Massage Therapist

Erin Hobson

Sibel Lennon -  - Ottawa Massage Therapist

Sibel lennon

Victoria Tuttle - Ottawa Massage Therapist

Victoria Tuttle

Philip Liscio - Ottawa Massage Therapist

Philip Liscio


Derek Gilmer

Orthopaedic Surgeons

Ottawa Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Darryl Young

Dr. Darryl Young

Ottawa Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Sharma

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

Ottawa Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Matthew Di Silvestro

Dr. Matthew Di Silvestro

Ottawa Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Chris Brown

Dr. Chris Brown

Ottawa Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Andrew Stewart

Dr. Andrew Stewart

Dr. Bienkowski - Ottawa Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Peter Bienkowski

Sport Medicine Physicians

Ottawa Sports Medicine - Dr. Maghera

Dr. Sonam Maghera

Ottawa Sports Medicine - Dr. Morgan

Dr. Kieth Morgan

Ottawa Sports Medicine - Dr. Adam Gruszczynski

Dr. Adam Gruszczynski

Ottawa Sports Medicine - Dr. Margaret White

Dr. Margaret White


Dr. Davidson - Ottawa Physiatrist

Dr. Travis Davidson

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