SportVis Injections

SportVis (Tennis Elbow and Acute Ankle Sprains)

SportVis helps improve healing by augmenting the hyaluronic acid you naturally produce in response to a tennis elbow or sprained ankle injury.

SportVis is the only hyaluronic acid injection for the treatment of tennis elbow and ankle sprains that is clinically demonstrated to relieve pain and restore function in damaged tendons and ligaments. It is injected by a doctor trained in the specific technique. It is a soft tissue adapted biocompatible hyaluronic acid (STABHA) is the innovative active ingredient. It is the only Health Canada-approved hyaluronic acid indicated to relieve pain and restore function in damaged tendons and ligaments.

It has been approved for the use of chronic tennis elbows (lateral epicondylitis) and acute ankle sprains.

This is administered under ultrasound in clinic. It consists of 2 injections performed 1 week apart. For ankle sprains, the injection must be performed within 1-2 weeks following injury.

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2 injection series, contact clinic for pricing.

* a portion of hyaluronic acid products may be covered under your private insurance plan. Contact your insurance provider to check if you have coverage

Please call the clinic at 613-714-9449 or fax a referral to 613-714-9456 

To book with Dr. Sonam Maghera, or Dr. Keith Morgan for consultation. 


  • Please rest the area for 1 day prior to the injection.
  • If you are sore following the injection you can take oral pain medications as needed.
  • Please avoid baths and hot tubs for 24 hours following the procedure.
  • You can resume activity and activity as soon as you feel okay to do so.
  • Please ensure you have a follow-up appointment for your 2nd injection, 1 week following the first injection.
  • It may take up to 4 weeks following the 2nd injection to notice an effect.
  • Please monitor for signs of infection – swelling, increased pain, redness, fever that lasts for more than 48 hours. This usually presents 7-10 days following the injection and is. quite rare. Please contact the clinic or present to the emergency department if off hours.
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